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Revised January 10, 2008

I. Use of Keyboard Characters for Data Entry.

Never use “#”, “.” or “,” for data entry. These are special commands in letter generation.

II. Entry, Correction, and Updating of Names

A. General Rules

1. Nine Zeroes (000000000) must be entered into the SSN field when an individual does not provide their Social Security Number.

2. A person’s name should be entered into Banner as it is shown on their Social Security Card even though this requirement may conflict with other name standards outlined in this document.

3. In accordance with the following name standards, if the person is not willing to share their Social Security Card or their card is unavailable, the name should be entered into Banner in its entirety (full first, middle, and last names) as indicated by that person (e.g., as it has been submitted on some BCCC form, such as an enrollment or admissions form or Personal Data Sheet).

B. Syntax Standards

4. Case Standard

Names should be entered using a combination of upper and lower case letters consistent with the printed name on a form that has been submitted by the person.
If the printed name has been submitted in all upper or lower case letters, then the following sequential rules should apply:

a. Ask the person (if they’re available) which of the letters should be capitalized;

b. Inspect the person’s signature (if available) to determine which letters should be capitalized;

c. Search the Banner database for similar names and enter consistent with other names in the database;

d. If no similar names exist in the Banner database, consult a telephone book to ascertain preferred spelling (i.e., relative to capitalization);

e. If none of the foregoing information is available, assume that only the first letter of any name lacking a prefix is capitalized. With names that possess prefixes (e.g., Mc- as in McArthur, or Van- as in VanHussen), both the prefix and the beginning letter of the second portion of the name should be capitalized. Also, capitalize any letter that follows an apostrophe (e.g., O’Fallon, O’Neil).

5. Punctuation Standards (including spaces)

a. Periods, Hyphens, and Apostrophes

i. Do NOT include any periods in first, last, or middle names or abbreviations of those names.
Enter: J D Smith, T J Kennedy, L K Manufacturing

ii. Connect parts of a compound name with either a hyphen or a blank space. Do not join them into a single word.

iii. If an employee has a compound name, include all of the parts in the appropriate name field.

For example, the name John R. Smith Jones: Enter Smith Jones in the last name field.

iv. Use apostrophes as indicated.
Enter: O’Connor, Ponte’, Re’Prah’, etc.

b. Spaces

i. Do not separate parts of a compound surname with a blank space or join them into a single word. Single-letter prefixes (e.g., “O,” “D”) must not be separated from the rest of the surname by a blank, but should be connected by an apostrophe or joined to the rest of the surname.
Enter: McArthur, rather than Mc Arthur and O’Fallon, rather than O’ Fallon

ii. If only initials are given for first and middle name, enter the first initial as their first name and the second initial (if applicable) as their middle name.

Enter: J as the first name and B as the middle name for J B Webster

iii. Compound names that include spaces on the Social Security Card should be entered with spaces.

Enter Del Carmen not DelCarmen or Van Der Wege not VanDerWege.

iv. Compound names with an ampersand (&) should include a space before and following the ampersand.

Enter: Black & Decker

C. Prefixes & Suffixes

Enter Prefixes, Special Titles or Suffixes in appropriate Banner fields. No period should be entered. Prefixes and suffixes in names are optional.

“Mr”, “Ms”, “Rev”, or “ Dr” not “Mr.“, “Ms.”, “Rev.”, or “Dr.”.

“Sr”, “Jr”, or “III” not “Sr.”, “Jr.”, or 3rd

III. Entry, Correction & Updating of Street Addresses

A. General Rules for Street Addresses

1. Avoid using the third street address in Banner whenever possible.

2. Mail addressed to occupants of multiunit buildings should include the number of the apartment, suite, room, or other unit immediately after the street or building address on the same line. Where the name of the street or building address is too long to include additional information on the same line, the apartment, suite, room number, etc., should be placed on the line immediately above the street or building address.

3. Addresses should be entered using a combination of upper and lower case letters where appropriate.

B. Directional Prefixes in Street Addresses

Unless it is obvious that a direction is part of the actual name and not a descriptor (e.g., Southwest Blvd), directional prefixes should be abbreviated in upper case with no period. For example:

North 34th St --> N 34th St
South Allen Blvd --> S
East --> E
West --> W
Northeast --> NE
Southeast --> SE
Northwest --> NW
Southwest --> SW

C. Numbers in Street Addresses

Numbers associated with street addresses (e.g., post office box, rural route, apartment, and unit numbers) should be entered with a space preceding each number.
For example:
PO Box 147
RFD 301
RR 2
Vancover Unit 14
Washington No 3B

D. Standard Abbreviations for Street Addresses

Common address designations should be abbreviated as follows (note that there is no punctuation, such as periods):

Apartment -> Apt Lane -> Ln
Attention -> Attn Post Office Box -> PO Box
Avenue -> Ave Road -> Rd
Building -> Bldg Room -> Rm
Boulevard -> Blvd Rural Route -> RR
Floor -> Flr Route -> Rt
Highway Contract Route -> HCR Street -> St
Institute -> Inst Suite -> Ste

Example of Address Formats:

Ms Sally Smith
PO Box 34
Duluth MN 55806-0034
Ms K Jones
5765 E 53Rd St Apt 221
Chicago IL 60615-1234
H E Brown
RR 3 Box 194C
Canton OH 44730-9615
Mr John Doe
605 1st St
Detroit MI 48226-1234
L E Doe
RR 5 Box 87
Canton OH 44730-9613
Mr A Hoop
603 Main St
Detroit MI 48266-3107
L G Green
HC 2 Box 297
Duluth MN 55811-9612
Mr B Bass
Apt 306
1234 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20005-4529

B G Light
HC 2 Box 293A
Duluth MN 55811-9615

Ms H A Howe
4417 Brooks St NE Apt 666
Washington DC 20019-4606

IV. Entry, Correction & Updating of City Names

A. Entry Procedure for City Name

City names should be entered using the following sequential procedure:

1. Enter city name for Kansas using Zip Code validation table (i.e., type in Zip Code, and Banner will assign the city name).

2. Check the city name entered by the Banner system to ensure it is the correct city (i.e., as per the printed address received by the Banner user). If city is incorrect, verify Zip Code using the National ZIP Code Directory. If correct Zip Code, change city name to correct city name.
Note: Two towns can share the same Zip Code.

3. If there should exist no city name in the validation table for automatic entry of city using Zip Code, then manually enter city name (i.e., as per the printed address received by the Banner user).

B. Case Standards for City Names

Names of cities should be entered with a combination of upper and lower case where appropriate.
For example:
Mc Pherson
Mc Cook

C. Punctuation (including Spaces) in City Names

Apostrophes and hyphens should be avoided in city names e.g. O Brien rather than O’Brien and Ofu Olosega rather than Ofu-Olosega.
For example:
Saint Louis
Saint Paul
La Crosse

D. Directional Prefixes in City Names

Names of cities with a directional prefix or suffix should NOT be abbreviated, but rather should be spelled out in their entirety.

For example:
South Hutchinson
North Newton

E. Abbreviations in City Names

Do not abbreviate city names.
For example, enter:
Saint Louis
Saint Paul
Fort Snelling
Fort Riley

V. Entry Standards for States and Counties

States and counties should be entered with the standard two-character abbreviation in upper case.
For example:
Kansas --> KS
Oklahoma --> OK
Barton --> BT

Russell --> RU

VI. Entry Standards for Zip and Postal Codes

The full nine-digit zip code should be entered when known with the hyphen. If the four-digit extension is not known, enter the first five digits without the hyphen.
For example:

VII. Entry Standards for Nation Code

Nation code should only be entered when a person's address is international.

VIII. Miscellaneous Address Standards

A. Addresses for Contact Persons

When entering address information for contact persons, remember to enter contact person’s name in Contact Field; contact person’s address is entered on Address Line 1.

B. Hierarchy of Address Information

Mail with a dual address is delivered to the address immediately above the city and state line (or to the post office box if both the street address and post office box are on the same line)

The ZIP+4 code or 5-digit ZIP Code that is used must correspond to the address element immediately above the city and state (or with the post office box number in the address if both the street address and post office box are on the same line). (DMM A010.5.1).

Address Format: Mail is Delivered to:
John Doe
PO Box 5007
1735 N Lynn St
Arlington VA 22209-9651
1735 N Lynn St
Arlington VA 22209-9651
Jane Doe
1735 N Lynn St
PO Box 50007
Arlington VA 22209-5007
PO Box 50007
Arlington VA 22209-5007
Jill Doe
1735 N Lynn St, PO Box 5007
Arlington VA 22209-5007
Box 5007
Arlington VA 22209-5007
Jack Doe
Box 5007, 1735 N Lynn St
Arlington VA 22209-5007
Box 5007
Arlington VA 22209-5007

IX. Course Entry Standards

A. Course Titles

Capitalize the first letter in all words of course titles, except articles and prepositions (a, the, to, in, for) unless they are the first word in the course title. Use all capitals for acronyms (COBOL) or product names copyrighted in all capitals (ASSET).
For example:
Grain Grading & Handling
Prin of Agriculture Economics
Creative Activities for Child
Cosmetology I
Cosmetology IV
MLT: Hematology & Coagulation
Maternal-Child Nursing
O T Appl to Physical Dys
Make-up for the Theater
Business Data Process (COBOL)

B. Title Combinations

Use “/” for combinations.
For example:
Introduction to Soils/Lab

C. Pre-requisites and Comments

Follow standard capitalization rules. Capitalize pre-requisite, and the first letter of words following a colon. When referring to BCCC courses, follow the rules listed under course titles. Do not capitalize generic course titles such as high school algebra.
For example:
Pre-requisite: Keyboarding or typing knowledge required. (Microsoft Works for Windows)
Pre-requisite: MATH 1811 Prep Math or appropriate assessment score
Pre-requisite: MATH 1832 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in ACCT 1602 Gen. Acct, ACCT 7614 Sec. Acct, or ACCT 1614 Acct. I
Pre-requisite: A course in general college chemistry or consent of instructor.
Audition and consent of instructor.
Pre-requisite: PSYC 3000 General Psychology
Pre-requisite: BSTC 8001 Intro. to Computers, BSTC 8036 Microcomputer Appl. or computer experience.

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